Wednesday, 11 January 2017

THE GREAT LIGHT - SeongChol Kunsunim

As the brilliant sun rises in the blue sky, endless,
eternal light pervades the entire universe.

Heaven and hell,
the noble and the evil all come from this Great Light,
and there is nothing in the universe which is not this Great Light.
The flying birds,
the crawling bugs,
the flowing streams,
the stoic boulders always speak loudly of this Light,
and they all reflect the oneness of everything.
This is both a noble and an awesome sight:
even that which seems hopelessly pitiful to us is filled with this Light,
and everything that exists is genuinely happy.

The Great Light has no colour,
yet it is all colours.
It transcends past,
present and future.
It existed before the universe appeared and it will exist after the universe is gone.
And although this Great Light can be talked about for eons,
it cannot be explained in words.
Nor can it be seen with the most precise microscope or the most powerful telescope.
It is simply magnificent beyond description,
and it can be seen only with wisdom's Eye.

Rampant intellectualism is as unhealthy an influence as rampant materialism knowledge and academics which depart from our basic nature soil our fundamental hearts and bring about apostasy. Our basic nature is clearer than the sky and is no different from Buddha.
But to manifest that nature we must rid ourselves of false knowledge and learning.

Even the most precious jewel obstructs a clear mirror;
and the more dust that accumulates on a mirror,
the duller the mirror's reflection.
Likewise, accumulated knowledge and learning darken the Eye.
So let's rid ourselves completely of knowledge and learning which darken this Eye,
and return to our fundamental nature which is clearer than the sky itself.
Let's all open the Eye so that we can clearly see the Great Light.


As the brilliantly rising New Year's sun colors the clouds on the eastern horizon,
everything in the universe overflows with joy and glory.

All universal law is Buddhist Dharma-indeed, there is nothing that is not.
The towering mountains and the flowing rivers speak the mystical Dharma;
the flying birds and the crawling beasts sing their songs of joy.
Both the evil and the gentle are Buddha;
both clear waters and muddy waters are streams of compassion.
And the world is overflowing with the warm breezes of spring.

Every place to sit is a golden cushion,
a jade stool,
and we have always been dancing to the tunes of beautiful nature. So raise your eyes and look before you:
the endless light of the universe always shines brilliantly.
Indeed, the universe itself is this Great Light.
Let's join hands and move forward together with all our might;
for peace,
the joy of freedom,
and glory are right before us.

The seas of golden grains are our gardens,
and the sounds of factory machines are the hope of our future.
Let's all raise our arms together,
dance and sing in the beauty of nature,
and bless every living thing!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

WALK THE WAY OF PEACE - Daehaeng KunSunim

Namo KwanSeum Bosal!
Please come with me to the war zones
to stop the killing and bombing.
Please walk with me to the places of sickness and suffering,
bringing compassionate nectar and medicine.
Please walk with me to the realm of the hungry ghosts
bringing the Dharma food of understanding and love.
Please walk with me to the realm of hell
in order to cool the heat of afflictions.
Please walk with me to places of conflict
in order to remove hatred and anger
and help the source of love to flow again.

If you live harmoniously, knowing that there is nothing that is not yourself, you will be able to take everything in the world as material for your spiritual practice. If you are truly able to live like this, your every thought and word will manifest in the physical world. At this stage, you will understand the meaning of ‘the all-reaching hands and feet of Buddha’.


"How nice to see you, Satan!

Let me tell you how much I sincerely respect you and worship you, since you are originally a noble buddha.

Unfortunately, however, both you and Buddha have been given such false names as "Satan" and "Buddha". People despise you. But that's only because they don't know who you really are. When people do realize who you are, such thoughts as "good and bad”, “love and hate" disappear.

Then people can clearly see that you are buddha. And only then will they learn to treat both devils and saints as buddhas, as their teachers, as their parents.

With this realization that you are fundamentally buddha, relative dualities and conflicts disappear, and people come to know the real comfort and happiness of this world. They come to see that there are no such things as misfortune and anxiety, and that these things exist only in our minds.

The path is one of seeing you, Satan, as you really are.
Then they're completely content to see the whole world as it is, as fundamental BUDDHA.

It's like seeing a magnificent lotus arise out of the mud — how stunningly beautiful! What splendid truth this is! And once people realize this, how could they ever look elsewhere for Truth? Searching for Truth other than this is like searching for water in water.

When people see you Satan as you are, as buddha, all problems become fundamentally resolved.

It's only when people see things in terms of "black and white" and "good and bad" that they really burn in hell.

When we no longer see good and evil as opposites, when we integrate them into one, we come to see a world filled with blossoming lotus. When we see the true noble nature of Satan, we then realize that each lotus is a buddha and every place is a buddhafield!

How can we be sad when sitting in a colorful garden of blossoms! The birds and butterflies are singing and dancing together, so let's all join them!"